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If you have consigned with our children's sale, your consignor number will be the SAME for our adult sale. You will click on our second option above and register with your same number.
Referral Program

Refer a NEW consignor and earn 5% more for each new referral. The new consignor must enter your name at time of registration and must consign a minimum of 20 items. All items must be dropped off at the sale for you to receive the credit. All consignors are required to check-in at drop off. You can earn up to a maximum of 100%.

You will only receive the credit for the sale at which you and the new consignor are both registered for.

If you have consigned in the past with any of our sales, you are not eligible to re-register as a new consignor to help out a friend. You are considered a returning consignor