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Ways to Shop Early:

1. Consign – Clean out those closets and basement, no garage sale items, please.
Minimum of 30 items to receive consignor pre-sale passes. Minimum of 50 items for referral credit purposes.

2. Vendor – Use this venue to promote/sell your business or product.

3. Military and Emergency Services - Show your Military or Emergency Service ID and you are welcome to shop at any of our pre-view sales. Each individual must have their own ID.

If you fall into category 1 or 2, you will receive THREE shopping passes to shop the night before the sale is open to the public AND you will receive THREE shopping passes to come to as private 50% off sale on Friday night!

4. New Parent Pass (Children's & Maternity Sale Only) - You will be able to shop early with one of our New Parent Passes. Each new parent must register prior to the sale. A limited number of Passes will be given on a first come first serve basis. One pass per person. (We ask that those who sign up for a New Parent Pass are those who are expecting, have an infant under 12 months, fostering, or adopting a child) Please click here to register and to receive your pass.

All guests, parents, spouses, or those 18 and older must have their own pass.

Please plan accordingly.

Tips for
Pre-Sale Shoppers:
• Before you come to the sale, have a reference sheet of the sizes for the children that you are buying for
• Trace the feet of your children as this is the best way to choose shoes
• Help your best friend score a pre-sale pass!
• If it is possible, do not bring your children. The sale will be very busy and crowded.
• Wear comfortable shoes!
• Eat before you come
• Bring your cell phone, you may need to call a family member or friend to assist with all the great items that you purchased!
• Arrive EARLY!
• Like us on Facebook as we will be featuring items in our sale!