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What is a semi-annual consignment?
This is an event where Ur Sweet Repeats Kids Consignment Event will facilitate a sale twice a year. Invitations are made to the community to participate in this successful event. Items that a consignor brings are prepared for the sale including price and presentation. Ur Sweet Repears Kids Consignment will coordinate the sale and provide commission checks to the consignors. Items not sold are returned to the consignor or donated.

Where is your store?
We do not have a store. We coordinate a public sale for a couple of days in the spring and then in the fall. We do not store items; they are the property of the consignors.

Do you offer baby/kid sitting?
No, sorry we do not. We are not equipped to watch children. We believe that in order to care for your children, experienced staff should have a Criminal History Screening, equipped facility, and insurance for short term daycare. We adore children but we feel strongly that we would never want to provide substandard service for your children. They are welcomed to join your family when you shop!

How much will I make?
You will earn a base of 65% of the selling price. This does not include sales tax. A consignor may increase the percentage by volunteering or referring a new consignor. Your potential is 100%!!

When will I get my commission check?
The commission checks are mailed within 1 week from the close of the sale. It is a goal of Ur Sweet Repeats to mail these checks within 3 days of the sale ending.

How do I prepare my items?
Please check the Consignor portion of the website. There are detailed instructions for all items. Some additional points:
• Clothing must be on hangers, facing the appropriate way
• Pants may NOT be hung on the bottom portion of the hanger, they must be safety pinned to the “shoulders” of a hanger.
• NO Straight pins (those used by a seamstress), NO Clothes Pins, No Binder Clips

Again, please review the full text of preparing your items on the page: Tag By Product.

Pants, how do I hang these again?
Ok, this is a huge problem at consignment sales. The pants must be hung from the top portion of the hanger. If you tip the hanger side to side and the pants fall to the horizontal bar, then they have to be re-hung/pinned.

How do I hang a set?
Be conservative with your hangers. You can pin a pair of pants to the hanger’s shoulders then put the shirt over top of the same hanger and pin the accessory through the shoulder again. If you have lots of hangers, hang one piece each and then rubber band the hangers together at the top. With multiple pieces, be sure to mention how many pieces are in the set on your tag.

Shoes? How do we prepare them to sell?
Shoes will really sell for us. They really need to be clean. Spend some time and wipe them down or throw them into the washing machine. The bottoms must be free of dirt, mud, and markings. Tie the shoe laces, close the Velcro, bucket, etc and either place them in a bag with the price tag, or secure them together so that they do not separate.

Where am I to find hangers?
The best advice I can give you is to contact your friends, family and co-workers. A simple email to all of them may prove fruitful. Stop in to a local dry cleaner and ask them if they have any hangers in which they do not want. They will try to sell them to you but try not to buy them. Check in at Wal-Mart and talk to the Customer Service Desk or the manager. I hear that Carters and Old Navy have been known to throw away their hangers. Recycle, recycle, recycle.

Who prices my items?
The consignor will price their items by entering them into the Consignor Portal. You should understand that by pricing your items too high, you have a good chance of them not selling, thus, being returned back to you.

How do I know how much price?
This is simple. Take a look at the item, what would YOU pay in its current condition? We offer a “guideline” of prices that you may use to get a feel for pricing your items. Brand name items will sell for a little more, discount store items will go for less. Baby equipment can usually be sold for a 1/3 of the price if it is in really good condition. You will also need to consider if it is something where people are really anxious to get, ex. a Bobby Pillow in 2009/2010 would sell for 80% of the new cost…now it will only sell for 40% of the retail cost. Some items such as Little Tikes and Step 2 will have a high residual value since they are expensive and last a long time. The key is the CONDITION. If you do not care, neither will the customer.

Do you take cribs?
Yes but we will NOT take cribs that are manufactured prior to June 28, 2011.

Car Seats:
Car seats that have been manufactured within 5 years will only be accepted (check on the bottom for the manufactured date). We do not accept car seats that have been in an accident or on the recall list. Please check www.recall.gov before you bring in your unit. Straps and cloth liner must be very clean and free of stains. Theitem tag should be at the head of the car seat on the right side. A used car seat checklist must be filled out and presented when dropping off the seat.

If your toy makes noise, sings, lights up or moves, it must have batteries in it. Our recommendation is to go to Dollar General and purchase their branded batteries. They are really cheap and you can note on the tag that batteries are included.

Recalled Items
It is your responsibility to find out if your item has been recalled. We cannot sell any item that has been recalled. There is a website that we try to keep ourselves updated and it is highly recommended that you review the list of recalls as well. www.cpsc.gov

When can I see what I sold?
Each evening we will update the portal with the cumulative sales. Log into your account and view your report.

What happens on drop off day?
You will schedule an appointment off of our website, www.ursweetrepeats.com to drop off your items. These appointment slots are 15 minutes each. Do not be late or you will miss your appointment and we will have others to check in.

What should I expect during the pick-up time?
This is the single hardest task of our sale. As many sales make you run around to pick your items off the racks/tables, Ur Sweet Repeats wants to make this as easiest as possible for the consignor. When we close our doors at 2:00 pm on Saturday, our whole team and many others tear down, sort and arrange piles of your items in accordance with your consignor number. At 5 pm, consignors will line up in the lobby and we will take you one by one to your area. If we have the available volunteers, we may be able to help you out to the car with your items.

I forgot to make it for the pick-up time! Can I call you to get my things?
NO! At the end of pick up, we have our charity coming to get the donated items. If your items are there after that time, they will be given to the charity for their thrift shop.

What do I do if I know ahead of time that I cannot make it for pick-up?
Contact a family member or friend to pick your items up. Again, we will not hold your merchandise or store it. Please send them with a handwritten note.

I would like to Volunteer, do I need to consign as well?
Yes. We no longer take non-consigning volunteers. If you do not consign, you will not be permitted to volunteer.