How this works:
This is very easy. As a consignor, you will earn
65% of your selling price. If you should want to volunteer, you can earn an additional 5% with 4 hours of volunteer time! Increase the volunteer time, increase your proceeds. The best part of this is that YOU get to set the price so you will have more control than in typical consignment stores.

Tagging Items:
In order to participate with our sale, you will need to register with our online system to create an account so that you can input your items and print your tags. These tags have bar codes and will expedite sales and check processing!

There is a registration fee of $7.00 that is to be pre-paid through PayPal. You do not have to have an account to use this service. However, if you do not wish to use PayPal, you may contact us to send a check prior to registering for the sale. This is to cover the advertising, equipment and systems.

Note: You must register for each semi-annual sale.

Next, dig out all the items that you want to consign. Once you have your items, clean them! Prepare your items for the sale; if they are presented well, then they have a better chance at being sold at a higher price! Of course we will not accept items with food stains, holes, grass stains, missing buttons, missing parts, dirty etc. We will double check everything so your merchandise should be in excellent condition; remember that this is not a garage sale.

The minimum price of an item is $2.00. Group smaller items together and place into a zip lock bag.

After you have organized your items, access your account and start to input the items into the system. Remember that when you are ready to print your tags, you MUST have heavier paper or the tags will fall off the items. Go to the discount or office supplies store for this. Print off your tags, cut them and then using a LARGE safety pin, or tagging gun, attach the tag to the item.

If you have any questions, please email us at

Drop Off Process:

1. As a consignor, you will need to schedule an appointment to drop off your items. Please allow at least 20 minutes so that we can check items and answer any questions. You must schedule online.

2. All consignors and volunteers are issued one pass for admission to the exclusive "Consignor Preview Sale", prior to opening to the public.

3. All items must be input through our online system and tagged according to our Tagging Guidelines.

4. Before you arrive at "item drop-off" time, your clothes should be grouped by size and gender. When you arrive, bring your items into the building and a team will look through each item. They will look for stains, gently used, functioning toys, etc.

5. Once they have been looked at, you will hang the clothing on the proper racks and place items on the designated tables. Your check in team will try to help if there is time.

6. Again, please allow approximately 20 minutes for our volunteers to screen clothing and items. Remember, items must be clean AND working (includes having batteries, go to dollar store for these!). You must have these in the item and show it works.

Pick Up
1. The pick up time for unsold items is 5:00 pm- 5:45 pm.

2. You must pick up your items at this time or make arrangements with a friend or relative to pick them up if you cannot come. Please send a note if you have arranged for another person to pick up your items.

3. Your clothes will be grouped together for pick up. Give yourself enough time to look through your clothes and other items before exiting the sale.

4. Please know your consignor number before you arrive at pick up and have your ID.

5. Any items left after 5:45 pm on Saturday will be donated to charity. Sorry, no exceptions.

Thank you!

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