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What Can I Sell? - Children's & Maternity Sale

Welcome to our Children's & Maternity Sale. Ur Sweet Repeats is pleased to offer a quality sale for infants - teen and in between! All items must be of great quality and great shape. We will not take just any random junk. Please view our list of acceptable items as well as what's not accepted. If you have any questions, please email ursweetrepeats@gmail.com .

Please make sure all items are clean and free of dirt/food/etc.

There is a 750 item limit per sale.


Spring/Summer clothing at the April Sale. (No Snowsuits, no snow boots, no Halloween/Christmas clothing, no Fleece clothing, no winter sweaters, etc) Jeans, long sleeve, and hoodies are allowed.

Fall/Winter clothing at the September Sale. Due to the warmer weather in September, we will accept shorts and tshirts at this sale. We will also accept bathing suits due to Gym & Swim programs throughout the school year. (No 4th Of July/holiday specific clothing that does not fall into the September - April time frame. No sandals/summer footwear) Please remember, the focus is on Fall/Winter items.

Infant through teen and maternity clothing. All clothing must be new or gently used, in excellent condition. (Juniors sizes ex. 1,3,5. No Women's Clothing at this sale)

All seasons of maternity clothing only will be accepted at each sale.

Bras in Excellent condition will be accepted.


25 item limit. Shoes must be in good condition, no holes or missing laces.
Spring/Summer Sale - No snow boots
Fall/Winter Sale - No sandals or summer footwear


Ties, belts, hats, gloves, scarfs, socks, bibs, booties, burp rags,etc.

Sports Equipment

Diaper Bags/Backpacks

If your item is a designer bag, you must notify us at Drop-Off.
*It is illegal to sell designer knock-off bags. Absolutely NO knock-off items*


Toys must have batteries to show they work. Games must have all pieces.
Books - 50 item limit. Children's and Maternity related books only. (Adult books should be sold at the adult sale)

Baby Equipment - Anything & Everything

All baby related items.


Only cribs manufactured after June 2011 will be accepted.

Only carseats less than 5 years old will be accepted. Must have manual and be the original owner. See Tagging Info.


Only bedding in great condition.

What's NOT Accepted

We do not take anything that is ripped, torn, stained, damaged, broken, etc.! We do not take anything that smells of smoke or any other unpleasant odor. Clothing that is larger than juniors should be consigned at our Adult & Home Décor Sale. We will not take any outdated items. If you have any questions, please email us at ursweetrepeats@gmail.com

NO RECALLED ITEMS! It is your responsibility to make sure your items are not recalled. The link is on our Home Page.

No used underwear.
No designer knock-off bags, purses, items, etc.
No TV's, VCR's, DVD players.
No VHS Tapes.
No fast food toys.
No stuffed animals.