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Supplies Needed:

- Hangers: Please try not to buy these!! Ask your co-workers, friends and family if they have dry cleaner hangers. Go to retail stores and check with the store manager for the plastic ones that they throw away. Place an ISO on facebook and on the yard sale groups. Please email us if you are in need of hangers and we will do our best to provide them for you.

- White cardstock 60-67 lb. (not copy paper). You can get this at Target or Staples in larger quantities

- Safety pins should be 1 inch or larger! No clothes pins, straight pins or binder clips to the clothing. We recommend that you use a tagging gun because it will go faster and the bar code tags will stay on longer. Try Hobby Lobby but use their 40% off coupon off their web!

- Blue painter's tape for attaching tags to toys, books etc.

- Large Ziploc-type bags (to pack groups of toys together)

Clothing (shirts, pants, dresses, jackets, etc):
Again take another look at your clothing for stains down the front and on the sleeves. If you find stains, try to remove the stain or donate it to charity. Another great tip is if the item is a bit wrinkled, pull the iron out and sharpen the garment. Wrinkled clothes do not sell, make them first class with a bit of preparation.

All clothes must be hung on hangers. The
hanger must be pointed to the left so that
the hanger looks like a question mark. Your
item should be hung with zippers zipped,
buttons buttoned, etc.

Pants cannot be folded over the hanger. Please
use two safety pins and attach the pants to
the TOP of the hanger so that you can see the entire front.

You will attach the completed price tag to the left side of the shirt at the hem of the sleeve and if you have pants, it will be attached to the left waistband. Why do we do this? Well because we want consistency to the information. shoppers just hate to search out the size and cost.

If you are selling a set, place the shirt on one hanger and the pants on another and rubber band the two together. The garment tag should appear on the shirt. Conserve hangers by pinning the pants to the same hanger.

If you have matching accessories, like headbands, socks, booties, place them in a ziplock bag and safety pin them to the top garment.

No used underwear.

Smaller Items:
If you have blankets, bibs, books, etc. Place these in ziplock bag and tape the item tag to the back of the baggie. We will not split the bag lot so please price these accordingly.

Shoes 25 Pair Limit:
Please be objective with shoes. They must be in very good condition and clean. We limit 25 pairs of shoes to each consignor. Shoes must be attached so that the pair is not separated. This can be done with a LARGE safety pin through the laces, ziplock bag, or zip tie. The price tag needs to be easily visible.

Sporting Equipment:
This would include cleats, ball gloves, shin guards, etc. Take the time to clean the mud off the cleats and inspect the items. For items that have a right and left, please place in a ziplock bag and attach the item tag, for larger items, rubber band them together and tape the card appropriately.

We are accepting DVDs and books. DVDs should have their own case.
No VHS tapes, please. If you have children’s books, try to group them together so you can get a better price for them. Place these in a bag, rubberband or use painter's tape to group. Attach the item/group card to the back of the item. Books should not be ripped, marked or severely worn. Do not tape on all four sides of the card.

NEW! Bedding:
Please fold nicely and hang over a hanger. If you have matching accessories make sure to list these on the card as well. Print two of the cards and make sure that the accessories are marked that they go with the bedding.

Beds, high chairs etc. can be displayed assembled or unassembled. If it is unassembled, parts must be in a Ziploc and taped to the furniture. The product card must be displayed at the top of the unit and on the right side. If your item has multiple pieces, you will need to attach your account number to the associated pieces. Only one piece should have the main product card. It is good practice to check the recall website. CRIBS: there has been a recall and it is now illegal to sell used cribs that were manufactured prior to June 2011.

Overall Reminder:
It is very important to have your item tag secure on each item that you have.
If we cannot find the card, the item will be pulled and placed in an area of “no sale”. We will donate this item since we will not know who to return it to.